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Frame Machine

Black Jack 5 Pull Super Jack Auto Body Frame Straightening Machine

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Vector Pulling Black Jack 5 Pull Super Jack Auto Body Frame Straightening Machine 

PART NO: Black Jack 5 Pull Super Jack

Vector pulling is efficient because of its versatility, multiple pulls, and ease of operation. Black Jack Frame Machines gives you all the power and capability with the convenience of a drive-on rack. No more working on the floor! Now you can anchor, multiple pulls, and measure with ease.

Tilt Down / Drive-On
Low Drive-Up Angle & No Wheel Spin
Perfect Working Height For Body Work
Winch & Dead Wheel Dolly Provided For Dead Cars
Mobile Tool Board (Less Walking & More Production)
Complete Chains, Clamps, Full-Frame Anchoring, Down Pull Wheel, & Pull Cable

Center Scissors Life To Put Car Into Sill Clamps
The lift can be easily positioned anywhere along the central alley of the machine with the pull handle. The sill clamp heads pivot to accommodate angles. The centerpiece can be easily slid out of the way after mounting for total access to the bottom of the vehicle. It is easy to use and worker-friendly for your team!

Make Any Pull You Want
Make any pull you want, including back on the hinge pillar while the door is still on the car. No old-fashion pull tower can do this! Socket bases engage holes in the top of the pull station with dowels on the bottom. You can reposition as needed for a versatile pull angle. Forward pullers self-engage to the machine under load without any bolts. Patented forward pullers can easily be positioned anywhere across the front of the machine or across the ends after the ramps have been set aside for a true 360 pulling. Patented side pullers can be easily positioned anywhere along the side of the machine. Loosen one bolt and position in the desired location. Tighten the bolt and you are ready to pull!

Truck Saddles
Truck Saddles are now included with the Black Jack frame straightening system. Truck saddles hold trucks level to the machine deck and blocks from side to side. These do not lock damage in place by attaching to the frame. Selective anchoring allows you to hold one side while the other side is pulled forward.

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Black Jack Drive-on Frame Rack 5 Pull Super Jack
Machine Deck with Ramps and Tilt Hydraulics 7' 8'' x 20'
Side Puller with Triple Socket base 2
Forward Puller with Triple Socket base 2
Unibody Rocker Sill Clamps (4) (Car Anchoring) Yes
Truck Saddle Set (Truck Anchoring) 1
Chain Tie-Down Anchor Blocks (Full Frame Anchoring) 4
Chain, 3' with Frame Hooks (Full Frame Anchoring) 4
Center Alley Scissors Lift with Pull Handle 1
Dead Wheel Dolly (For Wheels that Will Not Roll) 1
Winch With 25" Strap and Hook 1
Safety Cable (Coil With Double Hooks) 4
Side Step/Stand 1
Tool Board (Roll-Around Type) 1
Down Pull Wheel 1
Chain 8' with Grab Hook 6
Pump with 8' Hose 5
Air Manifold Multi-Port (3 or 5) 5
Power Ram, 6" (11.2 Ton) with Ball & Chain Lock Head 2
Power Ram, 10" (11.2 Ton) with Ball & Chain Lock Head 3
5" Extension Tube 5
10" Extension Tube 5
24" Extension Tube 1
Maxi Self-Tite Clamp 1
Maxi Narrow Self-Tite Clamp 1
Mini Self-Tite Clamp 2
Mo-Clamp Multi Angle Clamp 2
Mo-Clamp Tite Opening Clamp 1
Double-Claw Chain Hook 1
Single-Claw Chain Hook 1
Multi-Hole Narrow Pull Bar with Hook 1
Wheel Opening Puller 1
Open Face Sill Hook 1
3' Fabric Pull Sling 1
Deep Body Hook with Adjustable Foot 1
Chain Fork 1
Frame Hook "J" Type 2
Sign, Outdoor, Black Jack Ownership 1

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Black Jack Frame Machine Demo - Ford F150