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Branick 5500 Tire Repair Station PN 00-0048

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Branick 5500 Tire Repair Station PN 00-0048

Part Number: 00-0048

The Model 5500 is the most wanted spreader for tire shops.  It can handle everything from passenger tires to super-singles, but it's typically used to inspect and repair truck tires.  It has adjustable height and a tire ramp for loading.  The 5500 has manual tire rotation and the tool tray swivels for left or right hand operation.  The tool tray also has four air ports - two on each side.  The controls for the lift, as well as the spreader are also located on both sides of the unit.  Tires load easily onto the platform, an air cylinder lifts the tire up to 35 inches off the ground and the tire ramp retracts automatically for complete accessibility.  The ramp extends out again when lowered. Adjustable height tire spreader for passenger, truck and commercial tires including super singles. 


  • Handles everything from passenger to super-singles!
    • Well-rounded spreader for busy shop
  • Has adjustable height and a tire ramp
    • Tires load easily
  • Lifts 35" off ground
    • Perfect inspection and repair station
  • Manual rotation wiht a tool tray that swivels left and right
    • Complete accessibility
  • Controls for the lift are on both sides of the unit
    • For both left hand and right hand operation

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  • Handles passenger, light truck and commercial truck tires up to 24.5", including super-singles.
  • Bead diameter: up to 24.5¨
  • Spread arm type: air powered
  • Spread arm operation: hand
  • Working height: 14.25¨-36¨
  • Tire lift/ Roll on: roll on
  • Light: none
  • Hook adjustment: lock pin
  • Shipping weight:460
  • Dimensions:29 W X 61 D X 45 L
  • Additional option: auto extend/retract ramp tool tray with 4 air ports.

Weight: 573

Dimension: 29 x 45 x 61 

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