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Wheel Balancer

CEMB ER75TD - HubMatch RFV Automatic Wheel Balancer (Pneumatic-Clamping)

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CEMB ER75TD - HubMatch RFV Automatic Wheel Balancer (Pneumatic-Clamping)


A high volume RFV diagnostic wheel balancer that uniquely uses advanced balancing features such as our Dynamic AuotoAdaptive with OPB balancing and RFV measurement combined with HubMatch a guided on-car eccentricity cancellation process which significantly reduces floor-to-floor cycle time and provides an improved ride quality to eliminate the most difficult tire and wheel related vibration problems. All the best features from CEMB balancers; focused on performance, ease of use, efficiency and time savings are combined with HubMatch balancing to be sure the assembly is round when rolling on the vehicle to provide the best possible ride quality.

• One Plane Balancing (OPB)

OPB (One Plane Balancing), eliminates both static and dynamic unbalance with a single counterweight, indicating the exact position to apply the weight inside the rim. The balancer automatically detects if it is possible to correct both unbalances with only one weight, and activates OPB program (One Plane Balancing). A real revolution in wheel balancing. OPB saves you time and money while maximizing your productivity.

• AutoAdaptive Mode

The innovative tolerance calculation system AutoAdaptive Mode is based on the evaluation of the residual imbalance limit value corresponding to an acceptable perceived vibration.  For each wheel that is balanced, the software AutoAdaptive Mode detects weight and dimensions and calculates the tolerance value that will cancel any vibration perceived on the steering wheel. AutoAdaptive Mode grants the highest comfort when driving, and together with OPB Program, saves balancing time.

• HubMatch

HubMatch® detects the unbalance as well as the highest point of the wheel (1st harmonics), and displays it on-screen to enable mounting of wheel on vehicle so that simply matching mechanical clearances when positioning the rim on the hub will eliminate the eccentricity.

• Ergonomic Design

• 3D Laser Scan

• Side Laser

• EMS Sonar

• Automatic Positioning System

AutoAdaptive OPB balancing software automatically shifts to a single weight dynamic balance on over 70% of today’s wheels.

RFV measurement and on-car processes are used to be sure the assembly is balanced and also round when rolling on the vehicle.

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CEMB ER75TD - HubMatch RFV Automatic Wheel Balancer (Pneumatic-Clamping)

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    Power Supply MC = 110/220V, 1ph, 50 / 60Hz AC = 110/220V, 1ph + Air, 50 / 60Hz
    Balancing Speed 100 rpm
    Maximum Rim Width 20"
    Maximum Rim Diameter 30"
    Maximum Tire Diameter 42"
    Max Wheel Weight 165 Lbs.
    Machine Weight

    375 Lbs.

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