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Wheel Aligner

Tru-Line TL-12 Deluxe Car-Light Truck Wheel Alignment System

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Tru-Line  TL-12 Deluxe Car | Light Truck Wheel Alignment System. Made in the USA

MODEL :  TL-12 Deluxe

The TL-12 is completely portable and can handle any vehicle that rolls up to your shop from small to large. The TL-12 Deluxe package has everything you need to do an alignment in your shop, in the parking lot or in the field. If your lifts are tied no worries, just move the TL-12 to where you need it. If the vehicle is too large to fit in your shop, do the alignment in the parking lot.

TL-12 has the lowest cost of ownership and longest field operation of any machine on the market. The TL-12 will do everything a system of $40K will do and more. We have no maintenance contracts, software to upgrade, technicians to call for service and a product that will be in operation for you for many, many years. Our system is not sexy, no bells no whistles. All those bells and whistles cost you money. The TL-12 just does the job.

What can the TL-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System do?

  • Accurate, simple, reliable durable for decades
  • No rack required
  • Calibrates in the field in seconds
  • Surface does not have to be non-level
  • Caster, camber, live caster, SAI / KPI
  • Toe individual and total toe
  • 2 wheel centerline ,Thrust angle, and full 4 wheel
  • Accurate to 1/64ths inch
  • 20 minutes to read entire vehicle
  • 100% US made
  • Two-year warranty
  • Training video and instruction manual
  • Runs on D cell batteries
  • No cables, computers, or maintenance contracts

    TL-12 Deluxe Kit Consists of:

    • Front Toe Laser Guns
    • Rear Toe Combination Gauges
    • Caster/Camber gauge
    • Calibration Bar
    • 4 Wheel clamps for rims up to 21″
    • Steering Wheel Holder
    • Brake Pedal Depressor
    • Front & Rear Stands (4)
    • Level Compensator
    • Slip Plates (2)
    • Turnplates (2)
    • Shipping Weight: 225 lbs.    

    Tru-Line TL-12 Deluxe Car-Light Truck Wheel Alignment System

      Shipping Weight:  225 lbs

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      Tru-Line TL-12 Car & Light Truck Wheel Alignment System