Carpet Extractor, Floor Machine & Vacuum

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ReQuip specializes in a large range of Carpet Extractors, Floor Machines, Wet & Dry Vacuums.  From Industrial Cleaning to Auto Detailing to high volume  Automotive Shops, you will need a heavy-duty vacuum to help you keep your business clean.   

We offer a large range of wet-dry vacuums made by quality industry brands, such as Mytee,  ShopVac, Tornado, and more. Wet-Dry Shop-Vacs are most often used to clean businesses and car interiors, they are very versatile. Shop Floor Machines's clean and can Vacuum up screws, nails and most shop debris that would destroy any household vacuums, whether it's in a wet or dry environment. 

Our Industrial Carpet Extractor's and Floor Machines remove standing water to prevent slips or falls in the service bay or will clean most floor surfaces. Requip has a large selection which will service all your Workshop and Industrial Business needs!    Price Match Guaranteed.