Tire Truer & Stipper Ring Lathes

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TSI International

Tire Service International is a manufacturer and distributor of quality professional tire service equipment and shop tools for over 30 years. We offer over 50 products to our distributors, including Cheetah® <strong>Bead</strong> Seaters, Amermac Tire Truers, Tire Sipers, Tire Groovers, Wheel Crushers, Tire Cutters, Balers and Small Wheel & Tire Changing Equipment just to name a few. Dedicated to providing the best products on the market, we’re continually improving our tools and equipment. In addition to the quality products we also provide world class service and support to our distributors and to the service professionals who use our quality products. Manufactured in Monticello, Minnesota TSISSG tools and equipment continually outperform the competition.