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We are a well-established U.S. company with more than fifty years of manufacturing behind us. As a niche provider of a variety of LED portable work lights and retractable trouble lights, we are proud of our reputation for creating products that are extremely durable. No matter how tough your work environment might be, our LED machine lights and similar products are up to the challenge.

In-House Design and Engineering Team for Our LED Trouble Lights and Power Supply Reels

The products we supply are designed by a highly experienced team that has an exceptional knowledge of the demands our lights and power supply reels are subjected to. We have developed robust, safe lighting and cord reel solutions that won't let you down. Each product is built to be safe, durable and conform to industry standards.

Retractable LED Work Light and Related Products

Our team knows that our lights are used by a variety of different industries, for a number of applications. In recognition of this, we've developed a range of lights, each of which has a unique design that makes it ideal for a particular use. The light output, and light pattern, vary from product to product, enabling you to select the one that's best suited to their individual requirements.

Cordless Work Lights Offer Great Value-for-Money

We don't claim that our cordless LED work light collection is the cheapest, but their excellent longevity and performance mean that they will outlast cheaper models. If you're looking for a high-caliber rechargeable work light that is expertly built in the USA with top-quality materials, we can meet your requirements.