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Tire Service International (TSI): Pioneering Global Manufacturers of Tire & Recycling Equipment

Tracing a Legacy of Manufacturing Excellence

Established in 1980, Tire Service International (TSI) boasts over four decades of industry experience in producing high-quality tire and recycling equipment. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Monticello, Minnesota, TSI is an integral part of the passenger, commercial, and Off-the-Road (OTR) tire sectors.

Recognized as a manufacturer and distributor of first-rate tire service equipment and shop tools, TSI, also known as TSISG, has built a diverse portfolio of over 50 superior products over the last thirty years. Their clientele includes tire retailers, recycling plants, and distributors of side-by-side or off-road equipment.

Innovations in Tire and Recycling Equipment

TSI is the birthplace of industry-leading innovations, namely the Cheetah Bead Seater and Viper Bead Seaters. Their Cheetah product, celebrated globally for its unmatched quality, has become an indispensable tool in tire installation businesses worldwide.

But their product range doesn't stop there. From tire-changing tools to recycling balers, from tire cutters to rim crushers, TSI offers a vast array of equipment. These products have won them recognition, and their market has expanded worldwide due to their growing popularity.

Pursuit of Excellence and Global Leadership

TSI's commitment to consistent innovation and excellence is seen in their ongoing efforts to enhance their tools and equipment. All TSI products are meticulously crafted in their Minnesota facility, raising the bar for performance in the global tire and recycling industry.

Their aspiration as a quintessentially American company is to become the top choice for tire and recycling equipment worldwide. This goal is backed by their unparalleled dedication to customer service and superior product quality, guiding their operational and strategic decisions.

TSI's commitment to their roots is evident in their distinctly American offices and manufacturing plants. These stand as a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship and the future growth of the global tire and recycling industry.

At TSI, they're more than just manufacturers; they are allies in progress, committed to driving innovation and setting new industry standards. Tire Service International is a trusted partner, leading the way in tire and recycling equipment manufacturing worldwide.