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Branick EF Air Powered Full Circle Truck Tire Spreader PN 900-102

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Branick EF Full Circle Tire Spreader PN 900-102

Part Number: 900-102

The Model EF has helped define Branick over the years. It is synonymous with quality and endurance, and is truly built for generations. It is air-powered and was designed for passenger, bus, truck, even tractor tires, and is also perfect for super-singles. The tire can rotate 360 degrees for inspection, repair or buffing, and the floor mounted controls lift and spread the tire. On the EF, the spread arms pivot into the beads. Made in the U.S.A. at Branick's manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND!  Made in the USA


  • Tire rotates 360 degrees for inspection, repair or buffing
  • Complete accessibility
  • Air powered with floor mounted controls
  • Hands-free to lift, spread, or inspect
  • EF - spread arms pivot into the beads
  • Ease of operation


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EF handles tires 600-13"/1200-24 12" to 28" bead

Weight: 976

Dimensions:  60 x 29 x 78

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