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Air Treatment Lubricator

Prevost TL 204 ALTO 4 - 3/4" Lubricator For Compressed Air

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Prevost TL 204 ALTO 4 - 3/4" Lubricator For Compressed Air

Prevost 3/4" NPT compressed air tool in-line oiler / lubricator. This lubricator has a 8 oz oil capacity for air tool oil, it has a fill cap on top along with a oil flow adjustment to control how much oil goes into your air line along with the sight glass so the oil level in the bowl can be checked easily.

With the flow adjustment you can increase or reduce the frequency of the drops of the lubrication oil that are being drawn into the air stream by the passing of compressed air threw the lubricating head .

This is a must have for any mechanic or person that uses a lot of air tools or machinery that needs lubricated. Installing this oiler in your air line will extend the life of your air tools.

Brief overview of the ALTO air treatment units:-

    • ALTO regulators enable the pressure to be adjusted to suit usage. A membrane and spring ensure a constant outlet pressure corresponding to the chosen value.
    • They protect pneumatic tools from excess pressure and cut unnecessary energy consumption. Regulators are equipped with a progressive membrane. The pressure is set via a control valve.

Different Types of Pressure gauge connection:
  • 1/8" FBSP for ALTO 1, ALTO 2 and ALTO 3
  • 1/4" FBSP for ALTO 4
The filter-regulator module combines the fi lter and regulator functions in a single module.

    • ALTO oil mist lubricators protect your pneumatic tools by injecting a precisely dosed amount of fi ne lubricant into the filtered air. Lubrication reduces friction between moving parts, avoids seizure, protects against corrosion, and absorbs and evacuates heat energy.
    • The action of ALTO lubricators extends the service life and the efficiency of pneumatic tools.
    • The oil fl ow is adjusted via a cone-point set screw, thereby controlling the amount of lubricant diff used into the pipework. Recommended oil: ISO VG32 (part number LUB 3256).
    • The oil tank can be filled during use. The tank is attached via a locking bayonet fitting for the ALTO 2, ALTO 3 and ALTO 4 units. ALTO 1 units feature a threaded tank.

  • The ALTO range offers a wide range of flow rates. From 1/4" FNPT threads to units with 1" FNPT threads
  • (pneumatic tools, pneumatic cylinders, blowing, inflation, paintwork, etc.).

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  • Max pressure: 174 PSI (12 Bars)
  • Inlet / Outlet: 3/4" Female NPT
  • Flow rate (l/min at 6 bar Δp=0.5bar) 7200
  • Approx 8oz Oil Capacity
  • Easy Read Oil Level On The Bowl

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