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RTI E4000 Eliminator ll - 1/2inch Desiccant Dryer w/ Indicator, Regulator & Gauge

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Reading Technologies EH4000 Eliminator II Air Compressor Desiccant Dryer, 1/4" Regulator With Gauge

Featuring a ⅜” Outlet per Paint MFR’s specs,  “Inverse Flow™” Filtration with 3½” Filter Depth an activated Carbon 1st Stage for Oil Removal with a desiccant 2nd Stage for Dew Point Suppression. Non-corrosive Aluminum Bowls & Zemag Heads.

Reading Technologies Spray booth desiccant dryer designed for high-end spray finishing. Recommended by major automotive paint companies, unit is ideal for use with HVLP spray guns. Housing 1 uses a patented 4-stage cartridge to remove Liquid Water (99.97% efficiency), Dirt (to 1 micron), and Oil (to .003 PPM); an automatic float drain is included. Housing 2 uses a bed of Activated Alumina desiccant to remove water vapor to a -40°F dew point and less than 3% compressed air humidity (CAH). Desiccant is in an easy-to-change cartridge (no loose beads) that includes a 1 micron after-filter. Comes complete with a shut-off valve, auto-drain discharge hose, mounting brackets, dew point indicator, regulator, gauge, and outlet slide valve (for easy bleed off when not in use). NPT female ports (½” inlet and 1/4” regulated outlet).

NOTE: Remember Clean, Dry, Compressed Air is as important to your overall finish as paint brand, painter experience, or the spray gun. To achieve clean, dry air order your Eliminator II Desiccant Dryer today.

  • 25 scfm Flow Capacity
  • RTi Patented Inverse-Flow 1st Stage
  • RTi Patented Desiccant Dryer 2nd Stage
  • 1 Micron Final Dust Filter
  • Easy Spin On / Spin Off Elements
  • 1/4" Regulator and Gauge
  • -40ºF Dew Point Air to Gun

  • Featuring a ⅜” Outlet per Paint MFR’s specs
  • “Inverse Flow™” Filtration with 3½” Filter Depth
  • Activated Carbon 1st Stage for Oil Removal
  • Desiccant 2nd Stage for Dew Point Suppression
  • Non-corrosive Aluminum Bowls & Zemag Heads


Perfect for paint booths and prep stations. Removes dirt, water and oil.
Patented "Inverse Flow™"design. Patented activated carbon first stage removes oil to 0.003 ppm. 2nd stage final filtration to 0.01 micron at 99.99998% efficiency. 

An extremely long element life and easy, tool-free servicing make Reading Technologies Stealth filters an optimum choice for your body shop and MADE in USA!

Reading Technologies, Inc. is in compliance with the State of California's PROP 65 law for warning consumers that the product contains chemicals on the State of California's PROP 65 list

Part Number: E4000

  • Replacement element: 4P-060 & DE401
  • Maximum air pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Maximum operating temp: 125°F
  • Maximum flow to 25 SCFM
  • Dimensions 19"H x 15"W x 5"D

Port size - 1/2" Inlet - Port size - 1/4" Outlet1 Gun (spray application)1st Stage Element 4P-060 2nd Stage Element DE-401

  • Paint Booths
  • Lacquer Spraying
  • Air Tools, Sand Blasting, Sanding Impacts, Buffing
  • Ideal for Mechanical Section of Shop


 TP Tools Tip: For best results, place water filters as far away from the compressor as possible (at least 25 ft). This allows the air to cool and condense so water can be removed efficiently.

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