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TSI RHHG Rillfit Hand Held Groover (220V) | Salvage and Recycling Equipment

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TSISSG RHHG Rillfit Hand Held Groover (220V) | Salvage and Recycling Equipment

Model Number: RHHG 220v

The RHHG Rillfit Hand Held Groover is lightweight and is equipped with a comfortable pistol grip design. The RHHG offers fast shaping and cutting of groovable tires.  Easy to use dial temperature settings ensure proper heat while the built in safety mechanism prohibits the blade from heating until pressure activated. This feature protects the operator and eliminates blade overheating when not in use. The blades are fast and easy to change and are available in various sizes ranging from 2mm to 22mm.  Blades are easy to change and available in various sizes.

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Blade Sizes

  • 19.071 W1 - 5/64″ – 2mm
  • 19.071 W2 - 5/32″ – 4mm
  • 19.071 W3 -1/4″ – 6mm
  • 19.071 W4 -5/16″ – 8mm
  • 19.071 W5 -13/32″ – 10mm
  • 19.071 W6 -7/8″ – 22mm


WEIGHT 13 lbs
DIMENSIONS 13 x 10 x 7 in

Shipping Weight: 13 LBS

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