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TSI TC-100-EP Electric Powered Tire Cutter | Salvage and Recycling Equipment | TSISSG

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TSISSG TC-100-EP Electric Powered Tire Cutter | Salvage and Recycling Equipment

Model Number: TC 100-EP

The TC-100 EP Tire Cutter is a versatile tire cutter that is used by tire shops, services stations, landfills, auto salvage yars and retread plants. The TC-100 EP is designed to cut passenger, light truck and heavy truck tires; including super singles. The TC-100 EP is equipped with a 10 HP 3 phase 220/440 volt electric motor.  Heavy truck tires can quartered at a rate of up to 40 per hour. Passenger and light truck tires can be cut into 4 pieces at a rate of up to 120 per hour using the optional TC-100-14 passenger tire compressor. The patented double shear blade system is easily adjustable to maintain a zero clearance between the blades for a clean cut. This eliminates blade separation and greatly extends blade life. Cut tires can be stacked within each other (nested). This method reduces the volume of a tire pile by up to 75%.

The TC-100 EP is a portable unit that can be easily transported to tire salvage piles, Contains a 2″ ball hitch and safety chains. Trailer lights are optional.

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WEIGHT 2850 lbs
DIMENSIONS 121 x 69 x 60 in

Shipping Weight: 2850 LBS

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TC-100 EP Tire Cutter (Electric Power)

TC-100 EP Tire Cutter (Electric Power)