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TSI TI-96 Tire Inspector | TSISSG

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TSISSG TI-96 Tire Inspector

Model Number: TI-96

The TI-96 Tire Inspector is designed to inspect non mounted tires from 13” to 24.5” using an expandable hub and rim assembly. (Expanding rims sizes are Sold separately see size chart below).

The TI-96 Tire Inspector allows the operator to inspect tires for sidewall, tread and bead leakage using a dunk test tank.  A foot operated power lift will save time and injury by lifting those heavy tires from floor into the test tank. Quick and easy inspection is accomplished by using an expandable hub and expandable rim assemblies.  The TI-96 tire and hub assembly rotates easily for inspection and all operating controls are located on the side of the machine for easy operation. A standard 1/4”, 90 PSI air line operates the unit and no electricity is required.  We recommend the use of a good quality dual stage compressor for optimum results.

  • Includes the standard 22″ – 24.5″ expandable rim assembly
  • Other expandable rims are available to accommodate passenger and light truck tires


Additional Expanding Rims:

  • 13-16in = PN 8.510
  • 14-17in = PN 9.410 
  • 14-17in Extra Wide = PN 14.710
  • 17-20in = PN 10.410
  • 17-20in Extra Wide = PN 172010
  • 20-22.5in = PN 11.410
  • 22-24.5in = PN 12.410 - Included with Machine
  • 20-22.5in = PN13.410

 TSI TI-96 Tire Inspector | TSISSG

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WEIGHT 656 lbs
DIMENSIONS 55 x 77 x 52 in

Shipping Weight: 656 LBS

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TI-96 Tire Inspector - Tire Inspector