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TSI VIPER VP18AL 18 Liter Aluminum Tank | TSISSG

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TSISSG VIPER VP18AL 18 Liter Aluminum Tank

Model Number: VP18AL

Viper™ 18 Liter Aluminum Tank
•Push button Discharge
•Unique handle design for stability and control
•ASME Certified
•Rapid release of air

2″ Jet barrel
Newly designed Jet barrel greatly increase air volume delivery.
• More power less air pressure
• Reduces Air Noise
• Greater Air Distribution
• No Wheel Damage
• Works on large range of tires (lawn and garden to AG/Construction)
 Patent Pending

*Please note we recommend the use of a good quality inline filter to remove contaminants and moisture.

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WEIGHT 20 lbs
DIMENSIONS 26 x 13 x 12 in

Shipping Weight: 31 LBS

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